At Trivium, we believe in using as many methods as needed to facilitate a positive learning environment for each student and family. 

ace days

ACE days are our on-campus learning days at Trivium.

Your student has the option to attend two on-campus days that meet from 9:00-3:15, either Tuesday & Thursday or Wednesday & Friday, if they are in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Our TK program is online only. The Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, and Atascadero centers, on-campus days are Tuesdays and Thursdays. At the Arroyo Grande or Lompoc centers, your two on-campus days are Wednesdays and Fridays.

When your student is on campus, they interact with other students and Trivium staff members while they are learning from highly engaging lessons. When your students are not on-campus, they complete their lessons independently at home with parent support as needed. We also provide study hall options for all students and Lunch & Learns for K-5th grades.


Connect is an exciting opportunity for your kids to have a classroom learning experience in your own home.

Trivium offers live synchronous class as an option for students’ independent study days. These are classes held on Google Meet with students from all of our centers. This includes 4th-High School math options, 4th-8th grade English Language Arts options, virtual versions of TK-12th grade ACE day classes; and virtual honors seminars for Junior High and High School Honors classes. You can mix and match Connect classes with our other curriculum options.

You may be looking for the customization and flexibility that personalized learning brings for your student, which is why we provide study halls for all Connect students.


curriculum options

At Trivium, we have many options for curriculum. Our curriculum advisors will help you get started on the program that is right for you. If you already have something in mind, let us know!

As a California public school, funded similarly to traditional public schools, there is never a fee to families who choose to attend Trivium. Our curriculum choices, credentialed teachers, enrichment classes, clubs, and facilities are available to those invited to enroll free of cost. 

Curriculum process

curriculum fair

Once enrolled, your curriculum advisor will send the virtual curriculum fair. You’ll find this sent to the email you provided at enrollment.

Browse options

Be sure to look thoroughly at the many options that Trivium provides to find the right fit for your student. There is no cost for the curriculum approved by Trivium.

Book Appointment

Meet with your curriculum advisor either in person or virtually to ask any questions you have and place your curriculum order.

meet your ca

Meet with your curriculum advisor either in person or virtually to ask any questions you have and place your curriculum order.

Placement Tests

Placement tests will be issued by your curriculum advisor to ensure proper grade-level placement. You will not receive the curriculum until placement tests are completed.

Receive Curriculum

The curriculum will be distributed at orientation. Generally, if you order after August 1st, or during the school year, it can take about 1-2 weeks for certain titles to arrive.


Trivium Charter School understands that technology is a vital part of learning for our students. In order to facilitate them being 21st-century students, each student is provided with either an iPad or Chromebook to be used for educational purpose depending on their grade level and need for technology at home. 

pacing guides


Due to Trivium’s unique learning model, we have created customized pacing guides to help you plan out your lessons for the school year.

Where do I get a pacing guide?

This will be included with your curriculum order or you can reach out to your curriculum advisor to request a copy.

placement tests

Where do I get placement tests?

It is helpful for many families to gauge what grade level will best fit their students. After you have enrolled in Trivium, we will provide the appropriate placement tests. Most homeschool curriculum companies provide their placement tests for free online that can be completed at home, too.

Is placement testing required?

In most circumstances, placement tests will be required to be completed before you receive Trivium-issued curriculum.

placement tests FOR Connect?

Our Connect program has a customized placement test that must be completed before enrolling in a Connect course.