Trivium Charter School opened in Fall 2011 as an independent charter. It is the continuation of a program that I had the pleasure of being part of in their start-up year in Orange County. Once I returned to the Central Coast, I decided to see if there was interest in developing this program here, and, there was! The ACE program started with 31 students, four of those students were my own kids, in the gymnasium of the Boys and Girls Club in Lompoc. We were originally under the umbrella of a neighboring charter school prior to forming our own charter.

The second year of the ACE program brought us up to just almost 200 students with 2 learning centers in Lompoc and Santa Maria. When we decided to develop the ACE program under a separate and independent charter, Trivium came into existence. The first year of Trivium Charter’s ACE program started with 3 learning centers in Lompoc, Santa Maria, and Arroyo Grande consisting of 300 students. Trivium then added two additional Learning Centers in Santa Barbara and Atascadero in the Fall of 2014. Our growth has allowed Trivium to provide even more choices to students that create a dynamic, personalized learning path for each student.

In 2018, Trivium Charter School Network was established with three charter schools: the original Trivium Charter, Trivium Charter School: Adventure, and Trivium Charter School: Voyage. This year marks the seventh year of offering our Connect program, an online, synchronous classroom. We deeply honor school choice and that there is no one-size-fits-all option for education. Whether you are joining us from a local district school, a private school, homeschooling, or with a student beginning their educational journey, welcome!

Trisha Vais, Executive Director